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New plant in San Luis Potosí.


The CEO and president, Fujio Matsumura, expressed his gratitude to San Luis Potosí for his continuous support to consolidate this important expansion project that in its first plant generated 2 thousand 100 sources of employment. He stressed that in this second stage, 25.6 million dollars are invested in this first …

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General Safety and Prevention Policy Property

Caring for the environment is part of the essence of any company. We all generate impacts that we have the obligation to prevent, avoid, mitigate and as far as possible eliminate. The environment is the environment in which we operate to create value to society. It is the responsibility of …

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Why Big Progress Generates Amazing Results


Innovation allows both people and companies to interact in a highly dynamic and competitive world in which it is necessary to be at the forefront in order to achieve a favorable participation in the market. The governor of San Luis Potosí, Juan Manuel Carreras and executives of the automotive sector …

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Our Compromise


Along with the structural changes occurred in the post war industrial society, requirements related to safety and hygiene have changed drastically. To respond to these needs, Midori Auto Leather is determined, as an industry’s pioneer to develop specialized technologies and new merchandise by manufacturing high quality products and providing great …

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Tradition + Technology


Most genuine leather products are hand made. MIDORI AUTO LEATHER is trying to take over that tradition utilizing advanced technology. Over the years, we have received valuable advices from many of our customers, enabling us to develop a wide variety of merchandise including safe and hygienic protection devices for industrial …

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During the prehistoric age, people were skilled at making various leather goods. If you take a look at Babylonian inscriptions or Egyptian sculptures, you can see that leather goods were very important for the human race thousands of years ago. The skill of tanning leather originated in the Orient, which …

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