Innovation allows both people and companies to interact in a highly dynamic and competitive world in which it is necessary to be at the forefront in order to achieve a favorable participation in the market.

The governor of San Luis Potosí, Juan Manuel Carreras and executives of the automotive sector company Midori Auto Leather, laid the first stone of a new plant that will have in the country, which will initially have 1,100 sources of jobs.

The investment was 500,000,000 pesos, which is added to two other investments made in past years, once it reaches its maximum production will have 2,000 jobs, which jointly between the 3 plants will have 4,000 workers.

Takashi Akaji, general director of the firm dedicated to the manufacture of leather auto components, explained that he had as an alternative to settle in China, but the attractions of San Luis Potosí made them opt for the entity.

“The company that has not invested in Mexico for 10 years, has plants in China, Japan, Brazil and Mexico, currently has 2,100 workers at the local level and provides the carmakers Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Subaru and Nissan as well as having in portfolio to supply to GM, VW, Chrysler, among others “.

The company currently supplies 60% of local labor supplies or materials, and with the complementary area that will be built it will be possible to increase the production line by 50% from 2018.

“We are evolving and have a high integrating value for our customers, and from San Luis Potosí we serve many clients with long-term strategic relationships.”