March, 1946
HOKUYO Leather Industries Co., Ltd (Capital of 190 thousand yen) was established at Hasedo,YamagataCity. Began manufacturing leatherproductions primarily based on tanned leather
March, 1948
Moved production to the underground water rich area of Kita-machi, Yamagata and expanded facilities.
September, 1952
Began chrome leather production and advanced into the bag and footwear industry.
April, 1961
Began production and sales of leather for SAFETY SHOES
June, 1961
Handed over all stocks to Ryou Kyowa Co., Ltd. (Present: Ryogin Fudosan Co., Ltd.)
July, 1968
Formed business cooperation with Midori Anzen Industries Co., Ltd
November, 1968
Took over Midori Anzen Industries and changed trade name to Hokuyo Kasei Industries Co., Ltd.
April, 1973
Provided capital and dispatched technitions to Atlantica, Brazil
June, 1973
Began production of upholstery leather
June, 1977
The start of the study of CS luxury genuine leather for automotive seats
June, 1978
Establishment and production of high quality automobile seat upholstery
July, 1980
Changed trade name from Hokuyo Kasei Industries to HOKUYO Co., Ltd.
March, 1990
Purchase of new plant site in the Sansha district of Yamagata City and began construction of the plant
November, 1991
Competion of new plant and company headquarters
April, 1993
Began production and sales of “Stark”, high finish line
April, 1994
Began production and sales of “Gellatin powder”
November, 1996
Merger with Midori Anzen Kogyo Co., Ltd.
April, 1997
Began CD movement as part of the TPM
April, 1999
Began TMS movement
August, 2000
Began “Iki-Iki21” group movement
Established Guangzhou Midori Hokuyo Leather Products Co.,LTD.
April, 2002
ISO14001 certification
April, 2003
Established Jiaxing Midori Hokuyo Leather Co.,LTD.
October, 2005
March, 2006
ISO9001 certification
June, 2007
Changed trade name from to Midori Hokuyo Co., Ltd.
October, 2008
OSHMS certification
December, 2010
Began sales of “Collagen filato”
November, 2015
Changed trade name from to Midori Auto leather Co.,LTD.