Technology has empowered people throughout history. However, this time we are using it in a different way. We are not only incorporating technology into our lives.

As technology continues to develop and quality requirements in the automotive industries improve, we invest continuously to improve our products. High quality designs are the result of the use of advanced technologies, reviews and continuous tests during each phase of the production process.

As a leading company worldwide, innovation is our response to the challenges of automotive coatings. Our daily effort is to provide the highest quality of our products.
Multiple tests are carried out to ensure that the products meet the quality standards. Midori Auto Leather is certified in the ISO-TS 16949 technical specification, which means that all manufacturing and administrative processes in the company, meet the standards of automotive quality.

Midori Auto Leather invests continuously in Research & Development in order to make our products more resistant to daily and climatic demands, more durable in its longevity and more versatile.